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Harringay Skillshare

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The idea of this forum is to allow members of Harringay Online to offer skills or abilities they have to their neighbours and get something in return. It might be something as simple as the ability to walk a dog - pretty useful to a neighbour who may be ill. Or, it may be that you have some trade skills like carpentry or plumbing to offer or some professional capabilities as an accountant, lawyer or whatever.


The idea is that you swap skills - or give them freely. This forum is explicity NOT for people who want to run a small business or sell their services.


Using Harringay Skillshare


If you have skills to offer, post a message on the skillshare group on the main Harringay Online site with your skills and any comments to qualify or explain the skills you have to offerand and we'll add your name to the list below. Please DO NOT give out any other contact information. 


If you'd like to contact someone listed below to discuss a skillshare, browse the list below then use the Harringay Online member name they have given to find them on the main Harringay Online site.


To find someone on the site enter their member name in the member search box:-




Before contacting anyone, please read the Harringay Skillshare rules of the road.


If a large number of people begin to add their skills, we'll come back and organise the information into something more usable.


Harringay Online Skillsharers


Harringay Online Member Name Skill/s Offered Comments



David R


Can do any garden jobs including hard landscaping


Can help out at weekends only


Can speak French/Spanish. Have taught French/Spanish/English to GCSE level

Help out with website use

With two small children, time is limited but let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do.

I'm a digital video specialist. I can convert pretty much any type of digital video into any other type. For example Quicktime to Windows Media video.


I do basic bike maintenance (brakes, gears etc.) If I don't think I can fix it safely I'll tell you.


I do a bit of dry-stone walling as a hobby. I'm not very experienced yet but I'm learning!


I  also do a pretty mean job of retouching and repairing damaged photographs. Just a hobby.

 odette gibson  Accountancy I don't mind giving a few hours of accountants time
 Sapphireblue used to teach IT, and Ancient Egyptian history (is that a skill to share?), but also know a bit about organic gardening, nutrition for vegetarians and other stuff um er lots of things....ooh let me see now...hum... i can make banana cake (I recently discovered.)...other stuff...  
Karen On the business front I have skills and qualifications in research, marketing and business development that I can offer. Also, I can offer tutoring in Biology up to A-Level standard. As a fully qualified fitness instructor, I can offer advice on exercise, lifestyle and nutrition.  
 SallyPally  In my everyday persona I can offer little bits of design work or design concepts for business cards / CDs / flyers etc. I am also a photographer although mainly work with still life, buildings, abstract, landscape etc.  
 Alison P Basic word processing (typing, layout etc) and editing.

Knitting (hats, scarves, children’s jumpers). A relatively new skill but improving every day and I’m always up for a challenge!

In terms of my day job, I work in survey research so can help with any elements of questionnaire design and the analysis and reporting of data.
limited time because of work/family commitments, but do get in touch if any of these would be of interest to you.
 Claudine I have some plumbing skills. Willing to trade advice, minor repairs and emergency help. No longer work as a plumber but can help to stop you being ripped off.
 Anette I speak and write fluent Norwegian should anyone need anything translating to or from English.  
Chris Brock Fluent in Russian  


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