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Ladder Community Safety Partnership (LCSP)

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The LCSP (The Ladder Community Safety Parnership) is run by a group of local people. Set up over 7 years ago, it has a focus on crime and safety, and also aims to help make improvements in the Ladder and on Green Lanes


Working on its own account or as part of the now defunct Green Lanes Strategy Group, the group has been involved with implementing:


  • new and improved street lighting
  • removal of commercial rubbish from Green Lanes
  • twice daily collection of traders’ rubbish
  • more trees and hanging baskets on Green Lanes
  • a major effort to freshen up Harringay Passage
  • opposing undesirable planning and licensing applications


The LCSP meets on the second Thursday of every month (except August) at 7.00pm in Harringay United Church on Green Lanes at the corner of Allison Road. 






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